Carve Your Own Path

Construction by: SOS Outreach
Sponsor: US Bank
Contributors: Designed by Mandy Hertzfeld

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Born out of the idea of belonging, SOS Outreach is committed to creating a culture of community and empowerment where kids can discover their enthusiasm for life and learn the skills that they need to live it to the fullest and carve their own path. The mountains are our backdrop as they tend to attract a certain kind of person. One who is fueled by adventure and believes in the value of having a tribe. From there, it’s all about igniting confidence and passion inside our kids. As they learn to connect turns and climb mountains, their lives literally change course. It’s in these moments alongside their mentors, who already live for the mountains, where that fire for adventure is lit. And along the way, kids discover who they are, what they can achieve, and the skills they need to live an amazing life.