Oh The Places You’ll Go

Construction by: The Literacy Project
Contributors: Randy, Trey and Gaby Milhoan

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The Literacy Project of Eagle County believes everyone in our community deserves to read well, speak well and live well. By providing all levels of English language tutoring to adults and children, The Literacy Project empowers students, tutors and volunteers to come together to shape brighter futures. A true family affair, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” was designed and built by Vail Valley locals Trey, Gaby, Susan and Randy Milhoan, with contributions from Oakley (age 7) and Bridger (age 3) Milhoan. Family Patriarch and local artist Randy is well-known for his love of the arts and his historical contributions to art in public places. When creating the vision for “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” Trey and Gaby looked to their own children’s’ love of the whimsical inspiration unique to Dr. Seuss, and their own experience with using his books to shape an early love of reading.